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Matsu is more than a winery or a wine; it is a modern project of sustainable viticulture that brings forth an exclusive collection of high expression wines. Matsu, a Japanese word that when translated means to ¨wait¨, perfectly defines an initiative that connects the oriental culture and its care of the natural world with the most advanced techniques of biodynamic agriculture of the rural European zones. All of its wines are natural, in so far as its vineyards are cultivated in a form that is completely ecological, avoiding any use of chemical or synthetic herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Matsu represents the essence of a natural wine, and its elaboration constitutes of a process that demands one to ¨wait¨ during the cycle that permits the achievement of its final equilibrium. True to its philosophy, the image of Matsu has been completely deprived of any type of artificiality, with the aim of directly connecting with nature and subsequently with the people that work with nature day in and day out. With clean, visually impacting, and elegant aesthetics, Matsu transmits its values with the help of images that are sincere and direct. And in a similar manner, its trilogy of wines, ‘'El Picaro’', ‘'El Recio’', and ‘'El Viejo’' of Matsu, are represented by real people that dedicate their lives to rural farm life. Matsu elaborates in very limited productions and in exclusivity of its modern, high expression wines, all the while continuing its dedication to a sustainable environment by donating 0.7% of its profit to environmental projects.

Matsu - Vintae, c/ Gral. Vara de Rey 5, 26003 Logroño (La Rioja), Spanien

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Matsu El Recio 2018
16,89 € *
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (22,52 € * / 1 Liter)
Matsu El Recio 2018/ 2019
Tinta de Toro von einer Einzellage mit 90 - 100 Jahre alten Reben. Er kommt korpulent daher, auf der Zunge aber finessenreich. Über die Noten schwarzer Beeren hinaus zeigen sich deutliche Anklänge von Kakao und Vanille. Mineralisch und...
Herkunft Spanien
Anbaugebiet Toro D.O.
Matsu El Picaro 2020
8,90 € * 10,90 € *
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (11,87 € * / 1 Liter)
Matsu El Picaro 2020
Die 90 Jahre alten Reben machen einen solchen Wein möglich. Eine Hommage an die Weinbauern, stellt dieser jüngste, ungebändigte, frucht-und kraftstrotzende Wein dar. Nicht gefiltert oder geklärt. Fruchtnoten von schwarzen Beeren wie...
Herkunft Spanien
Anbaugebiet Toro D.O.
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