Castillo de Maetierra Melante 2010

von Castillo Maetierra

14,50 € *
Inhalt: 0.5 Liter (29,00 € * / 1 Liter)

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Lieferzeit 3 ca. 3-5 Werktage

Herkunft Spanien
Anbaugebiet Valles de Sadacia V.T.
Ausbau Stahltank
Rebsorte(n) Moscatel de Grano Menudo
Kategorie Dessert-/ Süßwein
Erzeuger Castillo de Maetierra
Geschmack lieblich/ süß
Weinstil frisch & leicht
Gelegenheit Aromenschmauss - Festessen, Mädelsabend - Mädelsbrause
Ausbau im Detail Stahltank
Rebsorten im Detail Moscatel de Grano Menudo
Jahrgang 2010
Lagerzeit 2016
Inhalt 0,5 l
Alkoholgehalt 11,5 %
Allergene enthält Sulfite
Speisen Dessert, Käse
Trinktemperatur 6-8°C.
Verantwortlicher Bodega Maetierra, Carretera de Murillo, s/n, 26500 Calahorra (La Rioja), Spanien

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  • Beschreibung

    Elegant und feingliedrig mit frischer Süße zeigt dieser Süßwein Körper und schöne Noten von Pfirsich und Aprikose.

    Vinifikation: Späte Lese der Trauben und daher hoher Zuckergehalt. Kein Aufsritten.

    Speiseempfehlung: Desserts, Blauschimmel- oder kräftige Weichkäse und Foie Gras

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  • Winzer & Weingut


    The only winery in La Rioja specialising in the elaboration of white wines. Leading the way in the Valles de Sadacia country wines, the new Rioja indication of origin for exclusive white wines, which is causing nothing less than a revolution in the sector. The Valles de Sadacia are formed by four of the seven Rioja valleys, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2003 and whose geo-climatological conditionsare perfect for white grape varieties. The Valles de Sadacia indication produces wines which combine the native white grape varieties from the region with some of the most highly prized white varieties world-wide. The latter are being introduced into the indication and can count on the magnificent qualities of the Rioja soil to bring out their potential to the maximum.

    Harvesting and Fermentation process

    Harvesting at Castillo de Maetierra always gets under way in the Rioja with the early ripening Muscat à petit grains from the approximately 40 hectares of white grape varieties owned by the winery. Harvesting is carried out at night, between two o’clock and eight o’clock in the morning, when temperatures are lowest. This aspect is fundamental to assure the maximum quality of the grapes and their perfect condition on arrival at the winery.

    The Wines

    Castillo de Maetierra produces only exclusive, innovative, prestigious white wines, which are distinguished for being delicate, elegant wines, yet at the same time capable of surprising the consumer with their colour, aroma and flavour, which is certainly why so many wine critics have described them as great state of-the-art white wines. Another singular characteristic of the dry white wines made at Castillo de Maetierra is their longevity. The combination of the three varieties (Muscat de petits grains, Viura and Malvasia) makes it possible to prolong their time for drinking into their third year with the optimum moment of consumption starting from the fifth month after bottling and extending to up to a year and a half later. Limited production in order to achieve maximum quality; a policy reflected by the numbered labels on our bottles. Castillo de Maetierra has developed a wide range of wines which seek to satisfy the different tastes of the many white wine devotees, ranging from dry, fresh and aromatic through elegant, soft and fruity to delicious sweet wines made with late harvested grapes.

    Bodega Maetierra, Carretera de Murillo, s/n, 26500 Calahorra (La Rioja), Spanien

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    14,50 € *
    Inhalt 0.5 Liter (29,00 € * / 1 Liter)
    Castillo de Maetierra Melante 2010
    Herkunft Spanien
    Anbaugebiet Valles de Sadacia V.T.
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